When you volunteer at PAWS, you can choose to spend time with any animal that you want and do the work that you enjoy.

If you do not have any specific activities you would like to carry out at the shelter, you will be assigned to key enrichment activities that focus on spending time socialising with the animals.

As a volunteer, you must be able to work independently as there will be minimal supervision and guidance during the volunteering activities.


Volunteer Times

You can opt to volunteer for an hour or two.

Volunteering hours are available from:-

Thursday – Tuesday  (closed on Wednesdays and Public Holidays):
10.00 a.m. – 12.00 p.m.

Wednesdays and Public Holidays:
CLOSED for maintenance


Volunteer Process

How to become a volunteer:

  1. For volunteers who wish to come in, advanced booking must be made via phone call to 017-2847500 during shelter hours (9am to 4pm six days a week / closed on Wednesdays and Public Holidays).
    Please take note that we can only accommodate up to a maximum of 8 volunteers at any one time and slot availability is strictly on a first-come, first-served basis.

  2. All volunteers are required to submit the volunteer form below prior to the first volunteering session.
    Once you have done this, you will not be required to register anymore for subsequent sessions.
    If the form is not completed in full, you will not be authorised to volunteer at PAWS.
    Volunteer Form
    Junior Volunteer Form (for volunteers aged 12 to 15 years who require adult supervision)


Student Volunteers

For student volunteers, please take note:

  1. Student volunteers, regardless of age, may only volunteer on weekdays (except Wednesdays as the shelter is closed).
    Please take note that we cannot make an exception to this rule as we have a large number of working adult volunteers on weekends and cannot accommodate any more.

  2. Volunteers must be at least 16 years old to be able to volunteer independently.
    Volunteers aged 12 to 15 years must be supervised by at least one adult companion during the entire length of the volunteer activities.


Volunteer Guideline:

  1. Volunteers must be dressed appropriately. The recommended attire for volunteering is a comfortable t-shirt, long pants and closed-toe shoes for your safety.
    We will not be responsible for any harm caused as a result of non-compliance with the recommended attire.

  2. For volunteers who wish to walk the dogs, you must bring some dog poop bags along with you (preferably biodegradable ones).
    Alternatively, you can purchase them at the shelter for RM0.20 per piece.
    Volunteers are required to pick up after the dogs during the walk.
    You will not be allowed to take dogs for a walk if you do not have dog poop bags with you.

  3. Bring plenty of drinking water for yourself, and a change of clothes just in case things get messy.