Here at PAWS, we have hundreds of animals waiting for a forever home. You can save a life today by adopting from us.

Adoption Procedure

  1. Visit us any time during or operational hours to have a look at our animals who are ready for adoption.
  2. After you have selected the animal you wish to adopt, seek assistance from any of our shelter staff who will interview you to determine if you are a suitable adopter.
  3. Please be aware that the minimum donation for adopting an animal are as follows:-

Donation Amount

TypeAgeDonation Amount
Adult Mongrel Dogabove 1 year oldRM80
Mongrel Puppybelow 1 year oldRM110
Adult DSH Catabove 1 year oldRM60
DSH Kittenbelow 1 year oldRM80
Mixed Breed Dog/Catregardless of ageRM180
Pedigree Dog/Catregardless of ageminimum RM280
Rabbitregardless of ageRM80

Please note that we will not reserve or allow bookings for any of our animals.

Although we have set a standard minimum donation per animal, we humbly ask that you make a bigger contribution to our organisation if you can afford to do so. PAWS receives no government funding. As the donations we receive from adoptions and surrenders alone are not enough to cover the costs of caring for the animals here (e.g. for food, vaccinations and neutering), we also raise funds through other channels such as charitable events to ensure the welfare of the animals at PAWS.

Donations in cash and in kind are greatly appreciated. For a list of items we need at PAWS, please refer to

Your help can make a difference. Thank you!


No animal is to be surrendered to/adopted from the shelter on credit. Payment must be made in cash and a receipt obtained. Always insist on a receipt for any money that you hand over to our office personnel.