PAWS accepts unwanted pets and stray animals – puppies, adult dogs, kittens and adult cats. Once they come to our shelter, they are given medical attention, fed and re-homed if possible.

As much as PAWS would wish otherwise, we cannot guarantee that all surrendered animals can be housed with us indefinitely due to space, staff and financial constraints. This is unavoidable for so long as surrenders outnumber adoptions.

If you surrender any animal to PAWS, you do so with the understanding that the animal may be “put to sleep”. If this is not acceptable to you, please do not leave any animal at PAWS.

If possible, please neuter/spay and vaccinate the animals before surrendering them to PAWS.

Surrender Procedure:

1. Call the office at 011-2193 5651 (during our operational hours) to ensure that we will be able to take in the surrender of your animals.

2. Please be aware that if you wish to surrender an animal to PAWS, you are required to donate a minimum amount :–

(i) Adult Dog (above 1 year old): RM120
(ii) Puppy (below 1 year old): RM150
(iii) Adult Cat (above 1 year old): RM100
(iv) Kitten (below 1 year old): RM120
(v) Rabbit (regardless of age): RM150


Here at PAWS, we have hundreds of animals waiting for a forever home. You can save a life today by adopting from us.

Adoption Procedure:

1. Visit us any time during or operational hours to have a look at our animals who are ready for adoption.

2. Please be aware that the minimum donation for adopting an animal are as follows:

(i) Adult Mongrel Dog (above 1 year old): RM80
(ii) Mongrel Puppy (below 1 year old): RM110
(iii) Adult DSH Cat (above 1 year old): RM60
(iv) DSH Kitten (below 1 year old): RM80
(v) Mixed Breed Dog/Cat (regardless of age): RM180
(vi) Pedigree Dog/Cat (regardless of age): Minimum RM280

3. After you have selected the animal you wish to adopt, seek assistance from any of our shelter staff who will interview you to determine if you are a suitable adopter.

Please note that we will not reserve or allow bookings of any of our animals.


The donations for adopting and surrendering are necessary to help us meet the operational costs of running the shelter. Although we have set a standard minimum amount per animal we ask that if you can afford to donate more to our charity, then please do so. At present PAWS receives no government funding to run our shelter meaning we survive sorely on the kindness of the public for donations.


Your help can make a difference. Thank you!


No animal is to be surrendered to/adopted from the shelter on credit. Payment must be made in cash and a receipt obtained. Always insist on a receipt for any money that you hand over to our office personnel.