As of the 14th of June 2018, the funds for Selangor Neutering Subsidy have been fully exhausted. All applications received after this date will not be processed as the programme has officially come to an end.

Selangor Neutering Subsidy was a programme funded by the Selangor State Government to assist with reducing stray cats and dogs by offering a neutering subsidy to qualified applicants who neuter cats and dogs. This was a pilot project with a fixed fund managed by PAWS Animal Welfare Society. The SENS programme was designed based on the neutering aid model of AnimalCare (, a non-profit organisation which has been providing neutering aid for street animals throughout Malaysia since May 2009.

Since its inception in May 2017, we have granted subsidies for neutering 1752 cats and 205 dogs. We believe this to be a huge contribution towards solving the massive overpopulation problem of stray animals in our society. One un-spayed female dog, her mate, and all of their offspring, can produce up to 12,288 dogs in a span of 5 years and one un-spayed female cat, her mate, and all of their offspring, can produce up to 11,801 cats in a span of 5 years. You can imagine the impact that the neutering of 1957 animals under the SENS programme has had on the population of animals in Selangor thus far. We are extremely thrilled and grateful to have been a part of this successful programme.

We would like to give our final word of thanks to:-
-YAB Dato’ Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali and YB Ean Yong Hian Wah for approving the project;
-Sean Oon of MBPJ for seeing the project through;
-Dr Chan Kah Yein of AnimalCare for allowing us to use her neutering aid model which SENS is based on;
– Wani of Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better, Tracy of Second Chance Animal Society, Winnie Lau of Cherishlife Home, and Myza of Furry Friends Farm, Malaysia for their contribution in lobbying for the programme;
-The veterinary doctors who cooperated throughout;
-And last but definitely not least, the 1000+ Selangor citizens who participated by neutering your animals!